Reporting Absences & Lateness

Reporting Absences

Telephone Numbers when reporting absences:

KSS       070 324 3453
VNS      070 328 1441
NSL       070 318 4969



Children who regularly arrive late at school are not only missing out on valuable teaching time but are also not meeting the legal requirement of school hours laid down by the Ministry of Education. Please be aware that lateness is monitored by the school attendance officers and parents who continue to regularly bring their children late to school could be fined by the authorities. The Attendance Officer (Leerplicht) regards lateness as truancy. The school therefore follows the below procedure to address lateness:

When a pupil is late three times within a short period, the school contacts the parents. This can be done by telephone or by letter. If the situation does not improve, the parents are invited for a meeting at the school. This occurs if the pupil has been late more than six times. If after this the lateness persists, the school will notify the Attendance Officer (after the pupil is late for the ninth time). The Leerplicht will send the parents a warning letter. After three weeks of taking attendance, the Attendance Officer contacts school to check that the lateness has stopped. If so, the file is closed. If however the problem continues, the parents are invited for an interview with the school Attendance Officer. Often families will be offered assistance, but in some rare cases a police report will need to be made.