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At HSV we stand for an important motto. We believe that we have to do the best we can to promote global citizenship and skills for our students that they will need for lifelong learning. Our mission statement is therefore: global citizenship, lifelong learning!

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Job Vacancies

Please click here to view all of the job vacancies across all of our schools.

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The Netherlands as the world’s fifth happiest country

2022 marks the 10th annual edition of the World Happiness Report – the ranking of 146 countries across the globe according to how happy their citizens perceive themselves to be.  For the fifth year in a row, 2022 sees Finland claim the top spot. Rounding out the top five are Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and, of […]

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Education time

All pupils deserve an inspiring and challenging education, for which teaching time is of course an important precondition. To guarantee this, legal standards have been established for teaching time. The HSV ensures that parents can count on pupils receiving sufficient hours of education and supervision. Based on the law, the HSV is obliged to offer […]

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Satisfaction surveys

The results of the satisfaction surveys have recently become known. We have regular (external) satisfaction surveys among students, parents and staff. Across the board, the latest report showed that the HSV scores above the national average and also scores higher than in the previous surveys. The HSV’s vision and mission in our strategic policy plan, elaborated in the school plans, seem to land well and are recognized. Reason for satisfaction, but based on our motto that you should always keep looking for further improvement opportunities, a number of actions will be picked up from the surveys. Per school team it will be examined which improvement actions will be concerned.

Just the total score for the HSV:

Parents give us an 8 (national average = 7.6)
Students give us an 8.42 (national average = 8.13)
Staff give the HSV an 8.16 (national average = 7.72)

I would like to compliment everyone on these fantastic results we achieved in a difficult COVID year: every reason to be very proud of our club!

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