Our fourth International Location!

It is with great enthusiasm that the Board of Haagsche Schoolvereeniging  announces the opening of its 4th location in the Bezuidenhout neighbourhood from August 2018 (the beginning of the school year).

The expansion was initiated by the City of Den Hague as part of the Dutch Government’s expansion of (subsidised) International Education in The Netherlands. The new location will help reduce the significant waiting lists, especially for the younger year groups

The office of the board, the HOV, Lighthouse and Three Little Ships will also be making the move to the new building. We are eager to start the rennovation and re-design the space to suit our needs.

Below you can find a couple of photos of the school as its current state.
We will keep you up to date on the improvements as they happen.

 The line in the snow represents the extension that will be made to the gym. Large corridors and plenty of space.