The Netherlands as the world’s fifth happiest country

2022 marks the 10th annual edition of the World Happiness Report – the ranking of 146 countries across the globe according to how happy their citizens perceive themselves to be. 

For the fifth year in a row, 2022 sees Finland claim the top spot. Rounding out the top five are Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and, of course, the Netherlands. Interestingly, researchers found that 97,6 percent of respondents from the Netherlands felt at peace with their life, while 86,9 percent felt the various aspects of their lives were in balance.

Education time

All pupils deserve an inspiring and challenging education, for which teaching time is of course an important precondition. To guarantee this, legal standards have been established for teaching time. The HSV ensures that parents can count on pupils receiving sufficient hours of education and supervision.

Based on the law, the HSV is obliged to offer pupils at least 7,520 hours of teaching time, calculated over eight school years. In practice, the timetable of the HSV offers 7,665.5 hours of teaching time. This means that the HSV offers 145.5 hours more teaching time than prescribed.

Satisfaction surveys

The results of the satisfaction surveys have recently become known. We have regular (external) satisfaction surveys among students, parents and staff. Across the board, the latest report showed that the HSV scores above the national average and also scores higher than in the previous surveys. The HSV’s vision and mission in our strategic policy plan, elaborated in the school plans, seem to land well and are recognized. Reason for satisfaction, but based on our motto that you should always keep looking for further improvement opportunities, a number of actions will be picked up from the surveys. Per school team it will be examined which improvement actions will be concerned.

The total score for the HSV:

  • Parents give us an 8 (national average = 7.6)
  • Students give us an 8.42 (national average = 8.13)
  • Staff give the HSV an 8.16 (national average = 7.72)


Update Coronavirus March 2022

Dear parents and/ or caretakers,

Some updates have been made to the protocol. You can find them here: Protocol Coronavirus

Update Coronavirus February 2022

Dear parents and/ or caretakers,

Some updates have been made to the protocol. You can find them here: Protocol Coronavirus

Update Coronavirus January 2022

Dear parents and/ or caretakers,

Some updates have been made to the protocol. You can find them here: Protocol Coronavirus

Update Coronavirus December 2021

Dear parents and/ or caretakers,

Some updates have been made to the protocol. You can find them here: Protocol Coronavirus

Update Coronavirus November 2021

Dear parents and/ or caretakers,

Some updates have been made to the protocol. You can find them here:Protocol Coronavirus

Update Coronavirus September 2021

Dear parents and/or caretakers,

Some updates have been made to the protocol. You can find them here: protocol coronavirus.

Update Coronavirus August 2021

We hope you all enjoyed your summer holiday safe and to the fullest! Adjustments to the new HSV protocol Coronavirus have been made according to new national guidelines. Please click  here  for the new protocol as of the start of this new school year.

Update Coronavirus February 2021

Since Tuesday, 9 February 2021, the HSV has reopened its doors to all pupils and teachers. Of course this has happened in compliance with the safety measures according to RIVM. I would like to refer you to the protocol, in which you can get more detailed information: protocol Coronavirus.

Update Coronavirus 15 July 2020

Because our schools are subject to the rules and regulatioProtocol-procedure for symptoms COVID 19 and ventilation ENG November 2021ns of the Dutch government, I would like to notify you of the travel advice issued by the Dutch authorities. With the global pandemic, people are asked to exercise extreme caution when booking their holidays this summer.

I strongly advise against going on holiday to a country for which the Dutch government has issued a red or orange travel advice. This is any country for which there is a “negative” travel advice. If you do decide to take the risk to travel to one of these countries, I would like to ask you to pay attention to possible consequences.

If you do travel to a country that is considered a red or orange country, you may well be required to quarantine for two weeks upon your return. This is of importance for your planning, because we would like to see all children back at the start of the next school year.

Taking a holiday in a country with a yellow or green classification is a much safer option. Please be aware, however, that the country classifications and travel advice can change at any time, so it is prudent to plan your return to the Netherlands well in advance of the start of the academic year, just in case a quarantine order becomes applicable, or a border is unexpectedly closed. The decision to travel is, of course, your own responsibility.

Our last week of term has started. I want to thank you for the extra efforts and for your help in realising home learning during this school year. On behalf of the management I would like to wish you safe and enjoyable holidays!

Hans van der Vlugt

Executive director HSV

Update Coronavirus 7 June 2020

As of June 8, 2020, the following rules apply from the cabinet decision
primary schools:
1. All students will go to school from June 8, 2020.
2. It is not necessary to keep a distance of 1.5 meters between students.
3. As far as possible 1.5 meters should be kept between staff and student
turn into.
4. 1.5 meters should be kept between staff members, unless nearby
contact before work is necessary.
5. Parent (s) / caregiver (s) do not enter the schoolyard or the school.
6. The school ensures that students often wash their hands.
7. Playing outside is preferably done only with the same group or class.

Poster precautions taken by our school

Update Coronavirus 24 April 2020

The government has decided to gradually reopen all primary schools according to the RIVM guidelines.
Unfortunately, the children will not be able to fully return to school for quite some time.
All parents receive more specific organisational information about the reopening per location from the heads of school.

General letter reopen all primary schools.

Update Coronavirus 1 April 2020

On Tuesday 31 March 2020 , the government decided to extend the closure of all primary schools to April 28.

Update Coronavirus 16 March 2020

Dear parents and carers,

Partly due to the request of the Dutch Federation of Medical Specialists, the government has again consulted the educational organisations this afternoon about whether schools should close because of the coronavirus. Until now, only in our Nassaulaan location, some classes have been given a 14 day time out as a precaution because of a parent of 3 children who has been tested positive.

The government has decided this afternoon to close all primary schools from Monday March 16th till April 6th to limit potential health risks to children, their families and staff.

The teachers have already worked on digital or physical teaching materials that children can use at home and will continue to do so in the near future. You will be informed by the teacher or the head of school about the support the school can give. We will ask you to pick up or return work at school and also to support your child in working from home. We ask for your understanding. If picking up and returning work cannot be organised by you, please get in touch so we can see if another solution can be found.

If you work in vital jobs as healthcare, police or fire brigade and you or family members or acquaintances cannot find a solution to take care of your child, please let us know. At this moment we are not certain which solution we can find for this, but we will do our best to organise this as soon as possible.

HSV management

Update Coronavirus 13 March 2020

The HSV management has decided to cancel all school trips/excursions as a precaution related to the Corona virus starting tomorrow for at least 4 weeks.

If parents already paid for a cancelled trip we will refund unless the trip can take place on another date. According to Dutch law the school will stay open until GGD and local authorities decide differently. If there is a known infection of child, parent (s) or staff, these persons will not be permitted access to the school.

We will apply the following policy to new – yet unregistered – students who come from risk areas or who have been in contact with people who have this virus. The parents of these students will be informed that admission to the school only takes place after two weeks have elapsed and no symptoms of the disease have occurred to them or their children”



In response to questions about the developing situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have been monitoring advice from various leading health organisations. We now inform you that the school will follow the instructions of the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment): www.rivm.nl

We refer you in particular to the webpage: https://www.rivm.nl/nieuws/actuele-informatie-over-coronavirus

This webpage indicates how to act if you suspect you have been in contact with the virus; namely by contacting your general practitioner (huisarts) by telephone. Please read this page and follow the advice strictly.

The RIVM website is also available in English https://www.rivm.nl/en/novel-coronavirus

The school is closely following the situation and will keep you informed of further developments.

To be clear students are just expected at school on Monday after the break unless you have been told otherwise by a medical professional. If your child or anyone in your family shows symptoms within two weeks of returning home from a country/region with coronavirus parents/carers should contact their GP and inform the Head of School and Director of the International Department.

If there is a known infection of child, parent (s) or staff, these persons will not be permitted access to the school. Directors will immediately report this to the board and advice will be sought from GGD Haaglanden. Necessary information will be communicated to parents

The text below was taken from RVIM website on 28th February. This is being checked at least on a daily basis.

Contact your family doctor or the local GGD by phone if you: Have a fever with respiratory problems (coughing or shortness of breath)

And for the past two weeks have been in a country/region with widespread spread of the coronavirus:

  • China (including Hong Kong and Macao)
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Iran
  • Italy: the provinces of Lombardy, Veneto, Emiglia Romangna and Piedmont.


Or have had contact with a novel coronavirus patient in the last two weeks. The GP consults with the Municipal Public Health Service (GGD) if it is necessary to be examined for the novel coronavirus.

HSV School Leadership

HSV General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The HSV is committed to being transparent about how we use your child’s personal data and keep it safe. We are constantly updating our privacy policy to bring it in line with the new standards introduced by the European data protection law known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Our updated policy will cover the following areas:

  • What information does the HSV collect?
  • How does the HSV use and share your child’s information?
  • How does the HSV store and secure your child’s information?
  • How can you access and control your child’s information?
  • How long does the HSV keep your child’s data?
  • Other important information

We respect your child’s privacy and are currently implementing technology and procedures with the objective of protecting your child’s data from unauthorised access and improper use.